at the end of the retina

Impossible to define,
It returns to nothingness.
This is what is called the form of the formless,
The image of the imageless.

Lao Tzu

Once the painter steps into the visible world of creative power, he uncovers potentialities lying hidden in the inner courtyard of the spirit. To achieve the state of nonthinking, the Taoists say, is to enter the world of creative power. If the painter speaks of stepping into the courtyard of the soul, he means the ontological experience of the state of non-thought. This experience unavoidably leads to the fusion of subjective and objective reality. Such a fusion triggers the creative process, in which unity is realized in diversity, and the unchangeable in perpetual change.

The painter who has attained this state of unity is borne by the powers manifest in all diversity, in all change, and his works will far exceed anything an egocentric self would ever be able to produce. However mighty this reflection of power from our innermost being might be, it is nevertheless fully unintended and effortless.